DOXA RUN – New Collection Launch

DOXA RUN is striving to push the limits for how high functional running apparel can look without compromising on quality or design. The flashy pulse all over print mixed with new powerful statements are some of the key items in the Power Generation collection.

DOXA RUN is still cooperating with the Swedish NGO, Global Relations, and the Kenswed Academy in Nairobi in their work with helping young runnings talents finding their way out of poverty. They provide the young people with a paid education and coaching to become an even better runner. Each season DOXA RUN supports these running talents with high functional running apparel and DOXA RUN is proud of giving these runners an extra change in life to succeed with running.

  • In the beginning of March the biggest trend forecasting company in the world, WGSN, included DOXA on their list of active brands “To watch” in 2018.
  • This season we have also teamed up with the urban running crew in Melbourne, AM:PM:RC, who did The Speed Project (340 miles race relay from Los Angeles to Las Vegas) in our Power Generation collection.

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