DOXA RUN – New Collection Launch

DOXA strives to push the limits for what high functional running apparel can look like without compromising the quality or the design. With more than 25 years of experience as a runner plus a career in fashion, I established the brand in 2015 in my search for the perfect running kit.

The new DOXA SS19 collection is inspired by the phrase “Injuries make you stronger”. Almost all runners have their injuries in common. Some injuries cut months off your training, others just a few days. Either way, the injuries may not make you wiser, but they will always make you stronger!

Strong and bright colors are very important for the right summer vibe, and this season we have mainly played around with a curry yellow and a grass green palette. The classic black/white will always be represented in our collections. The tone in tone all over print is a close-up of an x-ray and represents a reference to the theme – Injuries make you stronger.

In an extension to our NGO cooperation with The Kenswed Academy in Kenya, we are taking matters a step further this season. We are introducing a great range of sustainable items, where fabrics are made of old plastic bottles. Together with our Italian supplier we have put a lot of energy into sourcing the right sustainable fabrics, which are still providing breathability, softness and have a premium look and feel. The fashion industry is one of the most contaminated industries in the world, and the oceans are loaded with plastic. We all have a responsibility to improve our processes and make a difference.

The Metal Health Club is a new part of the DOXA universe and contains high functional fabrics designed with a lifestyle approach. All these products are made with one purpose: to serve you whether you go for a run or to the gym and would like to keep up a stylish attitude. Metal Health Club is also the name of our new global running community, starting out this season in Denmark. We meet up every Friday and kick into the weekend with a social run.

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All photo credit to Simon Birk